HOw To find Hardware Info On Linux

ON Fedora 8 I tried lshw-gui

Fedora offers many tools for viewing detailed hardware information, including lsusb, lspci, hdparm, and direct access to the /proc and /sys filesystems. An alternative tool, lshw, combines this information and more into a single, unified listing — but the output often exceeds 1000 lines.

lshw-gui provides a convenient graphical interface into this rich source of information, enabling you to easily drill down into the specific details of each subsystem and device. The display shows four panes of information — three narrow panes on the left to navigate though the tree of device details, and a larger one on the right to view details of the selected node.

This program displays a lot more information than tools such as hwbrowser and does a good job of translating arcane device details into a very readable format.

Installing from the command line: yum install lshw-gui
Installing using the graphical installer: Not available in the Browse view; use the Search or List views to install lshw-gui
Menu location after installation: Applications > System Tools > Hardware Lister
Command: /usr/bin/lshw-gui
Upstream website: (lshw-gui is referred to as gtk-lshw on the upstream site)


Some Command to find Hardware info : lshw, lspci, lsusb, cat /proc/cpuinfo, cat /cpu/meminfo, dmidecode…etc


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