How to import and resize photos from digital camera on Ubuntu Hardy Heron(8.04)

1. Install image manager : gthumb image manager or f-spot photo manager

2. Install extra nautilus script for resizing images ^^ .( gthumb work well but can not resize series of image and I’d like to use nautilus)

1. I chose gthumb image manager

sudo apt-get install gthumb
sudo apt-get install nautilus*

Gnome-panel => Applications => Graphics => gThumb Image Viewer

File => Imports Photo… … …^^ ( Don’t forget to connect your digital camera)

If You want to delete your images after importing, check in      Delete imported images from the camera

Edit => Preferences

Double Click on single image for fun

Play around with Image and Tool Options on Menu bar ^^

2. If you want to resize series of images

Open your Picture folder using Nautilus

Choose which images you want to resize (Ctrl Click or Ctrl A to select all) => Right Click on image => Resizes Images…


If you tried in different way to import or resize images please give me your ideas ^^.

By Billy


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