Grub Bootloader !

Some Grub How to …

How to remove GRUB and restore the Windows bootloader

If you want to remove all  linux partition live together with window. Remember do not remove linux /boot (or /) partition before remove GRUB..if not you will get an error message “Can’t Find boot loader”

Obtain a bootable Windows XP CD, and use it to boot.
Wait through all the Bill-messages until you get the first prompt. Choose R to repair an existing installation.
It will search and prompt the Windows installation, showing :
choose 1, and it will ask for the Admin password. If you have one enter it or just press Enter.
Now, type
C:\> BOOTCFG /rebuild

After the BOOTCFG, it will ask if you want to add the Installation it found, and to be safe answer “Y”.

It now safe to remove all Linux partition

How To change boot order in GRUB.

Follow this
1) Open the terminal and change to root with the su command
then cd /boot/grub
2) Edit your grub.conf file – If using a GUI then just type
gedit grub.conf

title Fedora (   //0
	root (hd0,6)
	kernel /vmlinuz- ro root=UUID=a159bb5c-5957-4497-be54-53357eac50d1 rhgb quiet
	initrd /initrd-
title Fedora (   //1
	root (hd0,6)
	kernel /vmlinuz- ro root=UUID=a159bb5c-5957-4497-be54-53357eac50d1 rhgb quiet
	initrd /initrd-
title Royal XP               //2
	rootnoverify (hd0,0)
	chainloader +1
Here i have 3 entries for different linux kernal, u will have 1.
They are referred to be number starting at 0 so 0, 1, 2.
Change the line
to refer to the correct number. and lower the timeout value to 3 or something.
save and quit your text editor and your done. good luck!

Reinstall Ubuntu Grub Bootloader After Windows Wipes it Out

If you run a dual-boot system with Linux and Windows, this has happened to you. You had to do your monthly reinstall of Windows, and now you don’t see the linux bootloader anymore, so you can’t boot into Ubuntu or whatever flavor of linux you prefer.

Here’s the quick and easy way to re-enable Grub.

1) Boot off the LiveCD

2) Open a Terminal and type in the following commands, noting that the first command will put you into the grub “prompt”, and the next 3 commands will be executed there. Also note that hd0,0 implies the first hard drive and the first partition on that drive, which is where you probably installed grub to during installation. If not, then adjust accordingly.

sudo grub

> root (hd0,0)

> setup (hd0)

> exit

Reboot (removing the livecd), and your boot menu should be back.

Only read below if Windows is now missing from the boot menu

If you installed Ubuntu before you installed Windows, then Ubuntu will not have anything in the grub configuration for Windows. This is where you’ll have to do a bit of manual editing to the grub boot menu file.

If you open the file /boot/grub/menu.lst with the following command:

sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst

You’ll see a sample section for Windows, which you’ll want to uncomment and add to the boot menu list in whatever position you want it in. (uncomment by removing the #’s)

# title   Windows 95/98/NT/2000
# root   (hd0,0)
# makeactive
# chainloader   +1

Note that you should also verify that hd0,0 is the correct location for Windows. If you had installed Windows on the 4th partition on the drive, then you should change it to (hd0,3)


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