Useful Tutorials on Linux and UNIX for Beginners and Experts Alike

Looking for high-quality Linux and UNIX tutorials? This article tells you where to find more than 30 must-see Linux and UNIX tutorials online.


Linux and UNIX Training for Beginners

Free Linux Tutorials for Beginners

  • Introduction to Linux – This IBM tutorial is designed for people who want to learn what Linux is and how it can be used.
  • Linux Desktop 101 – This 14-week course teaches students how to run the Linux operating system on a PC.
  • Hands-On Introduction to Linux – Machtelt Garrels’ well-organized tutorial provides a hands-on introduction to Linux.
  • Real Time Linux Introduction – A series of introductory Linux tutorials from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  • Getting Started with Linux – This 20-lesson course from Linux Online is designed for people who are just getting started with Linux.
  • Linux Fundamentals Course – The Shuttleworth Foundation’s fundamentals course takes approximately 18 hours to complete and gives students a basic understanding of the Linux operating system.
  • The 35-Command Tutorial – This basic Linux tutorial from teaches 35 commands that every Linux user should know.
  • Getting Started with Linux Desktop – Novell’s self-study course teaches basic Linux desktop skills.

Free UNIX Tutorials for Beginners

  • UNIX Tutorial for Beginners – The University of Surrey’s beginner’s guide to the UNIX operating system features eight easy-to-follow tutorials.
  • A Basic UNIX Tutorial – This Idaho State University tutorial teaches the fundamental of UNIX computing. The tutorial includes examples and exercises.
  • UNIX Training Manual – This free 88-page training manual utilizes examples to teach UNIX filesystem commands. Not exactly a tutorial, but useful nevertheless.
  • UNIX Command Tutorial – University of Mississippi course that teaches students how to interact with a UNIX operating system and perform various commands.
  • Learn UNIX Tutorial – Soft Lookup’s comprehensive UNIX tutorial can take almost anyone from a beginner to an expert.
  • UNIX – The Bare Minimum – This tutorial, from a UC Davis professor, offers a basic introduction to UNIX.
  • Learning About UNIX – The University of Toronto offers open access to UNIX and Linux course notes. This course focuses on UNIX and Linux tools.
  • What is UNIX? – This tutorial offers a simple introduction to UNIX and offers access to a forum for UNIX beginners.

Linux and UNIX Training for Experts

Free Linux Tutorials for Experts

Free UNIX Tutorials for Experts

  • UNIX for Advanced Users – Indiana University’s UNIX Workstation Support Group offers a great UNIX course for advanced users.
  • Kevin Heard’s UNIX Tutorial – Kevin Heard (UC Berkeley) has a fantastic three-part tutorial that starts with an overview of UNIX and ends with advanced topics.
  • Advanced UNIX Commands – Although this is more of a list than a tutorial, it makes a good reference for advanced UNIX users.
  • Parallel Programming Tutorial – This UNIX tutorial teaches advanced users the ins and outs of parallel programming.
  • Advanced Bash Scripting Guide – This UNIX tutorial from the Linux Document Project starts out with a programming overview and moves on to advanced scripting topics.
  • UNIX Shell Scripting Advanced – VTC has a number of UNIX tutorials that are in video form. This one guides advanced users through their first shell script.
  • Advanced C Shell Programming – This UC Davis tutorial teaches advanced C shell and tcsh programming techniques.

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