HOw to install Google Desktop Application on Fedora 9

On an RPM-based system (Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva, RHEL, etc.), download the key and then use rpm to install it.
For more information on Google’s package signing key, see the Signing Key page.

Run these commands as root:

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A Search Tool

A search tool is the tool use for searching and ^finding^.
I will mention Google the biggest and the most famous search engine..and another interesting site ^^


First….Go to (notice that everything will work on English Language => switch to English)

How to know the capital of any country ^^ ?
capital of country

ex : capital of Vietnam
Ggle : Vietnam — Capital: Hanoi

How to know the country code ?
How to know time in other country ^^ ?
time in country (or capital — big city)

ex : time in New Zealand
Ggle : 4:02am Friday (NZST) – Time in Wellington, New Zealand

How to know currency of any country ?
currency of country

ex : currency of Vietnam
Ggle : 1 Vietnamese dong = 6.3 × 10-5 U.S. dollars :((

How to convert between two currency ?
number currency1 in currency2

ex : 100 usd in yen
Ggle : 100 U.S. dollars = 10 601.0813 Japanese yen

How to convert between many different units of measurement of height, weight, and mass among others ?
number measurement1 in measurement2

ex : 1 m in yard
Ggle : 1 meter = 1.0936133 yard
ex : 100 yard in m
Ggle : 100 yard = 91.44 meters
ex : 10 feet in m
10 feet = 3.04800 meters
ex : 1 C in F
Ggle : 1 degree Celsius = 33.8 degrees Fahrenheit

How to use Google calculator ?
12 * 4 + 7 + 17 % 3 + 2^2 + sqrt(100)=
Ggle : 71
27 / 3 + sqrt(100)=
Ggle : 19

How to see a definition word or pharse ?
define:word OR define word OR what is word OR word wiki

=> define:wifi
=> define wifi
=> what is wifi
=> wifi wiki

For Questions and Answers

=> Q&A Internet


Find mp3 music

“index of” +(”/music”|”/mp3″) +”oliver shanti”
“index of” +(”/music”|”/mp3″) +”oliver shanti”
inurl:”mp3″ (”index of”|”index of/music”) within.temptation
-inurl:(htm|html) intitle:”index of” “Last modified” mp3  pantera
-inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +(wma|mp3) “nightwish”
intitle:index.of +”parent directory” +”last modified” +(mp3|ogg) +”Pantera” -htm -html -asp -php

Other music Search Engine :
Find ebooks
linux pdf

linux.networking (pdf|chm)
inurl:”ebook” “index of” linux
-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” +(”/ebooks”|”/book”) +(chm|pdf|zip) +”linux” “Last Modified”

Other ebook search engine

HOw to find Comics Book : (

-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” “Last modified” spider-man (cbr|cbz|rar|zip)

most comics on the internet have a .cbr or .cbz extension for use with a digital comic reader like CDisplay (Windows) or FFView (MacOS). However you can decompress the files and read them in any image viewer. Simply rename the cbr extension to rar or the cbz extension to zip and decompress with an application such as 7-Zip or WinRAR.


How to find a movie info ?

=> movie: “A Horton Hear A Who”

Search for a movie Trailer

=> youtube “The One” trailer

Movie Offical Site

=> “Surf Up” site

From :