HOw to install Google Desktop Application on Fedora 9

On an RPM-based system (Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva, RHEL, etc.), download the key and then use rpm to install it.
For more information on Google’s package signing key, see the Signing Key page.

Run these commands as root:

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For those “oops” moments: ext3undel

The rm command can be a powerful tool for deleting data — until you delete the wrong files or directories. Thankfully, the ext3undel utility can recover accidently removed data on ext3 filesystems. Users can recover a specific file by name, or they can restore all files marked as deleted (though the filenames won’t be recovers, so they will have to look at the contents of the files to identify them).

Files on the ext3 filesystem have two parts. The file’s metadata — that is, the file name, size, and creation and access dates — is stored in a Unix data structure called an inode. The actual file data is stored in blocks on the hard drive. Deleting a file destroys the link between the metadata and the filesystem blocks, eliminating the association between the file’s information and content. Both the inodes and the data blocks are marked as free, and the operating system will use them to write new data when it needs to. But because the inodes and blocks are merely marked free and aren’t overwritten, users can rescue data as long as new data hasn’t been written there. That’s why it is important to recover data to a new partition: any changes to the filesystem risk overwriting data users wish to recover. Until then, an application can “save” deleted data by marking the blocks as in use, and reconnecting the inodes and the blocks symbolically. Continue reading

How to import and resize photos from digital camera on Ubuntu Hardy Heron(8.04)

1. Install image manager : gthumb image manager or f-spot photo manager

2. Install extra nautilus script for resizing images ^^ .( gthumb work well but can not resize series of image and I’d like to use nautilus)

1. I chose gthumb image manager

sudo apt-get install gthumb
sudo apt-get install nautilus*

Gnome-panel => Applications => Graphics => gThumb Image Viewer

File => Imports Photo… … …^^ ( Don’t forget to connect your digital camera)

If You want to delete your images after importing, check in      Delete imported images from the camera

Edit => Preferences

Double Click on single image for fun

Play around with Image and Tool Options on Menu bar ^^

2. If you want to resize series of images

Open your Picture folder using Nautilus

Choose which images you want to resize (Ctrl Click or Ctrl A to select all) => Right Click on image => Resizes Images…


If you tried in different way to import or resize images please give me your ideas ^^.

By Billy

Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) và HP1020 printer (HOws To)

foo2zjs: a linux printer driver for ZjStream protocol

Download and Install

Click the link, or cut and paste the whole command line below to download the driver.

    $ wget -O foo2zjs.tar.gz

Now unpack it:

    $ tar zxf foo2zjs.tar.gz
    $ cd foo2zjs

Now compile and install it. The INSTALL file contains more detailed instructions; please read it now.

    $ make

Get extra files from the web, such as .ICM profiles for color correction,
and firmware.  Select the model number for your printer:

 $ ./getweb 1020

Install driver, foomatic XML files, and extra files:
    $ su			OR	$ sudo make install
    # make install

(Optional) Configure hotplug (USB; HP LJ 1000/1005/1018/1020):
    # make install-hotplug	OR	$ sudo make install-hotplug

(Optional) If you use CUPS, restart the spooler:
    # make cups			OR	$ sudo make cups


 # system-config-printer
Gnome-panel ==> System ==> Administration ==> Printting

=> Click New Printer


Choose OTher
Open Terminal -> Enter Command : lsusb
(Liệt kê usb device connect vào máy)


Enter Command : hp-makeuri bus_number:device_number


Copy the Cups URI và Paste vào cừa sổ New Printer => Enter Device URI và Click Foward


Click Foward

Click Foward

Apply => Done
Restart Ubuntu

Open Printing Database
foo2zjs driver
hp-makeuri utility