Top 10 ways to save PC computing energy

How many of us leave our PCs running all day long, even when we’re not using them? Despite the fact that today’s desktop and laptop PCs and their OSes provide extensive power management functions, most PC users don’t bother to use them to shrink their systems’ carbon footprints.

According to an online survey conducted by the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, 55 percent of 7,274 respondents don’t take advantage of their PCs’ power management functions, such as suspend/resume shut-down options and performance profiles.

On the bright side, of those not already using power management, nearly all (97 percent) said they’d like to begin using their systems’ power-saving capabilities. According to the Initiative, each of these users stands to reduce their carbon footprint by nearly half a ton of CO2 annually, not to mention saving $60 or more in energy costs per year. Continue reading